Douglas Hughes


"CADCA is the best! The leadership is outstanding, the staff credentialed, skilled and motivated, and the materials professional, current and practical. CADCA is equally valuable for new, just forming coalitions, seasoned coalitions that are still developing and mature coalitions that have to keep re-inventing themselves to adapt and remain contemporary. It is the national organization that advocates for community anti-drug coalitions on Capitol Hill and it is very effective. CADCA gives community coalitions a presence and a voice.

In South Florida we work together with established, new and emerging coalitions and we promote CADCA membership, training and participation for all coalitions and related community partnerships. Because of CADCA’s support and guidance, coalitions in America are moving toward a ‘Tipping Point’ that will trigger an unprecedented expansion in numbers and effectiveness. I am honored and proud to be a part of CADCA, and to be on the Coalition Advisory Committee, a brain trust of talented, experienced and motivated members who want to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally."